It's not been all rainbows & roses...

To know me, is to know that my pursuit of happiness exists within the paradigm of my conscious expansion and my journey toward reclaiming my most authentic Self.

I consider my life to be a remarkableand empowering story  of personal triumph.

truth be told, I've been through some dark times.
truth be told... i've been through some dark times.

Morning cuddles with my sweet Sophie dog, lemon juice followed by celery juice, movement, and a good skincare routine! 

daily a.m. rituals:

Living the small town life, on coaching calls with my amazing clients, eating papayas + bananas


Conforming to societal standards, letting my subconscious run the show, black liquorice, showering everyday (yeh I said it!)


Being unapologetically yourself, never saying "never", treating others how you want to be treated, finding magic in the small moments of life


A version that so desperately wanted to be revealed and expressed in the world. A version that loved and accepted all parts of myself; in all the ways I am, and in all the ways I am not. A version that was empowered by the notion that, despite my past, by choosing to be at cause for my life, and taking back my power from all my life’s circumstances and the people in it who impacted me negatively; I could tap into a divine and powerful force within me and create the life I had always wanted.

I embarked on a journey of personal growth and transformative inner-work to dismantle my learned conditioning, subconscious limiting beliefs and the adopted ‘protective patterns’ of my psyche that ultimately, were not serving me as an adult. Unearthed was the essence of the woman, leader, coach, teacher, wife, daughter and true force to be reckoned with, that I show up as in the world today.

Through my personal pursuit of happiness I have discovered my own resilience, cultivated a deep sense of self-acceptance, and have come to understand the great wisdom of embracing my humanity in it’s totality.

It is an honour to serve the world by helping other women do the same.

Somewhere inside I knew: Buried within me, beneath the layers of insecurity, deep-rooted shame, and feelings of unworthiness, was a truer and more authentic version of myself.

From childhood issues of deep insecurity and a teenage illness that almost took my life; to enduring emotionally toxic relationships, struggling with disordered-eating habits, and having paralyzing anxiety in my 20s that left me defeated and hopeless: There was a time, as I approached 30, when I sincerely questioned whether my dark days would ever end. But I never gave up on myself.

after-dinner hikes in the powdery, white snow


medjool dates... (obsessed!)


dark side of the light chasers


heavy metal detox smoothie


the mind: explained (netflix)



My Favorite Things

My rockstar dog Sophie! She has taught me so much about life, and love. And if I could bottle up the smell of her paws, I would... is that weird?

My cottage on Lake Huron. (10 mins from where live!) It's my zone of serenity where much of my creative inspo comes from.

The subconscious mind — I could talk about it for hours! I find it so fascinating ...Hey, we all have our passions in life. 

My Favorite Things

A good, juicy vinyasa flow class! I love the feeling of working my edge on the mat, then enjoying that 'ahhh' feeling when savasana comes at the end...

Ice cream. Ben & Jerry's The Tonight Dough; or Haagan Dazs Cookie Dough Dynamo...but I won't be picky!

A good bargain! Especially when it comes to clothes. Don't be surprised if you find fab finds from Winners in my closet!

big city







small town


night owl

herbal tea

birthday suit

palo santo


How I really feel about  the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 

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“By the end of the EYIT program, I felt like a completely different person!”

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