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High-Exertion Fitness and Yoga Classes

Movement heals. It also is foundational to living a happy, healthy and empowered life. Experience the exhilarating power of movement along with me. See you on your mat!

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You're looking for a killer full-body workout and a juicy sweat! The perfect combo of cardio and muscle isolating exercises you'll feel the next day!

You'll love this class if:

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This dynamic class is a fusion between High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) & classical pilates principles!

It incorporates pilates and other movement techniques, as well as powerful interval timing methods, to tone and strengthen your muscles. You can also expect a serious cardio sweat, without the pounding of high-impact training!

Not only will you burn calories and fat during class, but your calorie burn will extend for up to 48-hours after your workout!

Despite it's challenge, this class is accessible to all levels with modifications offered every step of the way!

HIIT Pilates

You like to 'flow it out' in your yoga classes and are looking for a practice that brings on the heat! A fav if you like your yoga to be a workout!

You'll love this class if:

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Get ready to feel the power! In this vinyasa-style yoga class you will experience a faster-paced practice with an intentional focus on deep controlled breathing and building heat in the body through active flow.

Improve your strength, balance and flexibility in this physical class that will inspire growth both on and off the mat!

Sequencing is influenced by Baptiste Power Vinyasa, an athletic style of vinyasa yoga that incorporates a defined series of postures, linking purposeful breath to movement.

All levels and experience are welcome, with modifications not only offered but encouraged.

Power Yoga

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- maggie

"Christina's energy is electric! Her words motivated me while the moves worked every muscle of my body. I'm still sore 3 days later in the best way!"

her class expectations were blown out of the water:

HIIT Pilates


"Yoga set my day up in the most positive way! It felt so good to move my body in this motivating, energetic, yet relaxing class. Looking forward to my next one!

She can't wait to come back for more:

- mariana

Power Yoga

"Her class kept me moving for a solid hour, challenging me in all the right ways. I am not the most 'flexy' person but that wasn't an issue. My body was so happy!"

Did a yoga class for the first time in 2 years:

- Domonique

Power Yoga

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A collaborative space where movement and creativity come to life! It is nestled in the charming downtown of Kincardine, Ontario, steps from the shores of beautiful Lake Huron.

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it's a body, mind and soul expression!

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toughest full-body exercise:

crow pose

crow or dancer Pose:

glute bridges

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14 years

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“Christina's positive energy is contagious... dancing and cheering everyone on the whole time. I can't wait for my next class!

- Gracie