How I Serve...

I consider myself to be a being of service. And I've chosen to serve the world by supporting women using modalities that include everything from movement to energy work to coaching to hypnotherapy and other powerful techniques that enable subconscious reprogramming. I help women elevate their energetic vibration, eliminate liming beliefs keeping them stuck, and claim their confidence so they can live unapologetically as their true and most authentic selves. 


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You're in the right place.

Where you are in your growth-journey is perfect. You're exactly where you're meant to be —but that doesn't mean you're not ready for more. I totally get it, I was there. I knew I had unlocked potential inside of me but I just didn't know how to access it.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing support to in order to see things perhaps you've never considered. I can help you uncover aspect of your Soul Self that are key to the shifts you desire.

You're a divine spiritual being and you're here to fulfill your potential and make waves in this world. And if you're anything like me, you may need a little guidance to help you up-level!


“I wanted to take the power back I felt I'd lost & I did! Working with Christina was one of the best decision of my life!” 

reclaimed her power:



“It was time I healed my past trauma & negative subconscious beliefs. I saw immediate results working with Christina!”

Had had enough of instrusive self-talk


real results

Powerful 1:1 offerings for anyone looking to deepen their self-awareness, up-level their energy & activate meaningful change in their lives, now!

sessions + Programs

A complimentary session to gain clarity on exactly how I can help you get what you want in life - And! I guarantee you'll learn something new about you too!

discovery session

A transformational coaching and mentorship program for those ready to live a soul-aligned life & unapologetically embody their truth.

private COACHING

Ways to Work Together

“you're always only one decision from a totally different life.All you must do is... decide to make it so, then take action to make it reality”


You are ready to invest in yourself and commit to the ongoing inner-work necessary to experience massive life-changing shifts!


Ouuu, i wanna know more!

Let me be your guide as you dive into deep inner-work and subconscious reprogramming. Uncover the root cause of what has you experiencing life as you know it, and finally release the chains of your past so that you can live and  enjoy life as your authentic Soul Self! The time has come for you to 'Embody Your Inner Truth'!

Meaningful, lasting change doesn't happen overnight! My 1:1 coaching container, Embody Your Inner Truth is a 12-week journey to transformation.

Private Coaching

Sessions + Programs


I offer various sessions, session packages, and programs to support your with your desires for physical, mental and emotional healing. 

Interested in the healing power of energy work? Want to upgrade your habits, behaviours and beliefs with the help of hypnosis?


You're looking to experience an expanded sense of self through unique modalities that heal.

You're interested in learning more about me and my offerings & have questions you'd like answered!


OK, let's Connect!

We will connect 1:1 and dive deeper into the modalities I offer. I will be happy to answer all your questions so that you have clarity on exactly on how working together will support your growth and help you get closer to your soul-desires! You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain —trust me! :)

Know you're being intuitively guided to work with me, but not sure exactly how I can help you? This complimentary session with me is a great place to start!

Discovery Session

Imagine living with social anxiety and at the end of the EYIT program, being on the other side, feeling full of self-acceptance— ANXIETY, GONE! I now have such a strong sense of self love that going through the ebbs and flows of life feels so much more manageable. Make the investment and let Christina show you the way toward your truth.

“NLP and Hypnosis changed my life! I can now stand in my truth regardless of what others think.” 

Said 'buh-bye!' to her fear of judgement


I have always been open to self growth and personal discovery but I had never had someone walk me through why I am the way I am! I now have the tools to leave behind the things that weren't benefiting me in the past, and I know exactly how to tap into my potential to become the best version of myself!

“Christina came in and POW!— She showed me things I had no idea were within me.”


is unleashed in her self-expression!

In the 3 months working together I truly transformed! I shed so many limiting beliefs and now, how I see myself and the world around me has radically changed. Christina helped me to really figure out what I wanted in my life and the action steps to get there... something I've always struggled with!

“I am finally off the hamster wheel and making decisions in alignment with my soul's purpose!”

found her purpose in life


This could be


Letting go of shame and guilt has been the most rewarding process of this entire journey! I loved the NLP techniques so much and having them help me overcome such negative emotions has made life is so much more enjoyable. Reprogramming my subconscious has been life changing! I am now manifesting things I never thought possible and am living a life that truly feels aligned!

“I was only half-way through the program & I'd already achieved everything I had wanted to!"

'In-shock' by her Transformation!


Ready to book your complimentary Discovery Session?

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Let's connect 1:1 to explore the potential of working together so you have clarity on exactly how I can help you reach your soul-desires!