Embody Your
Inner Truth

In this intensive transformational program, experience a powerful blend of modalities that will support you in the creation of a new future. One that is not predictable or foreseeable (based on your past) but one that calls on you to embody your highest Soul Self in order to achieve it.

12-week Private coaching PROGRAM

My unique method works with the nuances of your individual subconscious imprinting using modalities that engage directly with your subconscious mind. By reprogramming unsupportive patterns, limiting beliefs, and triggering the release of deep-seated negative emotions, we activate your subconscious mind in such a way that it is tuned to actually help you create the future you've always wanted!

It’s my belief that there is no one-fits-all blueprint for transformation. I use a 1:1 customized approach that’s been effective in helping my clients see life-changing outcomes!

the result:
massive shifts.
expansive transformation!

real talk:

How's it possible, you wonder?

We will engage with your subconscious mind to re-code, re-wire, and re-file the way it stores beliefs, memories and experiences from your past. (...hello freedom!)

By releasing the chains of your past

A positive future-facing, and desire-focused outlook, combined with techniques that ignite your subconscious' goal-getting ability will launch you towards your goals.

by programming your future for success 

Using a structure of accountability and compassionate mentorship, you will be inspired to take aligned action towards what you want— all the while embodying your Soul-Self!

through accountability + aligned action

Eight years ago, I was stuck in patterns of self-sabotage & knew I was meant for more.

I've been through a lot... from almost dying as a result of a rare blood infection, to losing myself in toxic relationships, to struggling with disordered-eating, and even experiencing panic attacks from thoughts and feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and hopelessness. What kept me going through it all was an undying commitment to myself and the unearthed potential I felt was buried deep inside me. I learned how to access it...

i can help because i've been there

and now I serve the world by helping other women do the same.

Your program, your

compassionate, individualized coaching

This is NOT a group coaching program. Each weekly session is tailored to YOU, in your life, as you're living it. It's all about you, and YOUR desires. As your coach, it's my job to help you get there.

A unqiue blend of powerful modalities

EYIT combines neuroscience, energetics and metaphysics as well change-igniting mindset shifts and manifestation principles to support the activation and embodiment of YOUR highest self.

A return to wholeness at a soul-level

The magic of EYIT is that it is anchored and grounded in a foundation of 'whole'-istic transformation. Whole is the goal. When you return to wholeness, you return home.


“Coaching with Christina took me from a place of blame and shame to a space of self-acceptance and deep understanding.”

- anureet

Discover your blindspots, and shift out of self-sabotaging behaviours

Your Embodied Truth Awaits

Consciously reprogram your mind and create new neural pathways



what you can expect on your journey to your soul-self:

Activate your subconscious mind to help you reach your goals


Install new positive habits + beliefs and release those that don't serve you


Eliminate negative emotions that underpin your experience of daily life


Elevate your body's energy frequency to increase your manifestation potential


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Imagine living with social anxiety and at the end of the EYIT program, being on the other side, feeling full of self-acceptance— ANXIETY, GONE! I now have such a strong sense of self love that going through the ebbs and flows of life feels so much more manageable. Make the investment and let Christina show you the way toward your truth.

“NLP and Hypnosis changed my life! I can now stand in my truth regardless of what others think.” 

Said 'buh-bye!' to her fear of judgement


I have always been open to self growth and personal discovery but I had never had someone walk me through why I am the way I am! I now have the tools to leave behind the things that weren't benefiting me in the past, and I know exactly how to tap into my potential to become the best version of myself!

“Christina came in and POW!— She showed me things I had no idea were within me.”


is unleashed in her self-expression!

In the 3 months working together I truly transformed! I shed so many limiting beliefs and now, how I see myself and the world around me has radically changed. Christina helped me to really figure out what I wanted in my life and the action steps to get there... something I've always struggled with!

“I am finally off the hamster wheel and making decisions in alignment with my soul's purpose!”

found her purpose in life


This could be


Letting go of shame and guilt has been the most rewarding process of this entire journey! I loved the NLP techniques so much and having them help me overcome such negative emotions has made life is so much more enjoyable. Reprogramming my subconscious has been life changing! I am now manifesting things I never thought possible and am living a life that truly feels aligned!

“I was only half-way through the program & I'd already achieved everything I had wanted to!"

'In-shock' by her Transformation!


“I was actually a bit skeptical before beginning as I had gone through therapy many times in the past...”

ALEks was amazed how fast she saw results!

After my stints in therapy, at times I left with very little progress and less money in my pocket! I am so delighted that I took the plunge and signed up for the Embody Your Inner Truth Program! I saw noticeable positive changes in my life within 4 sessions! I was so surprised that these positive changes were occurring and occurring so quickly!

you're ready to reclaim your confidence and create a new future— a future not defined by your past

You have limiting beliefs stopping you from living fully self-expressed

You want help getting clear on your purpose and need support getting there



Is EYIT Right For You?

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Have questions? Need clarity on exactly how EYIT and the subconscious mind modalities we'll use over 12 weeks will transform your life? Maybe you want to see if we are a good match? Let's jump onto a face-to-face call and make sure you have all the answers you need to make an empowered choice about what's next in your inner-work journey!

And not only will you learn everything you want to know about the program but you'll also gain insight about yourself and your life! You have nothing to lose by learning more!

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is that a yes?

- shauna

“This program has really opened my eyes to a new way of seeing myself, the world, and how I can show up in it.”