Ready to deep-dive into inner-work?

Nothing changes if nothing changes. And if your inner-guidance system has been inviting you to explore aspects of your Soul Self or say 'yes' to positive change, it's important you listen! Your intuition won't lead you astray. If you're ready to deep-dive into healing, access meaningful shifts and expand your results in life, it would be an honour to support you.

Hey there Mindset Junkies, energy babes and Soulgoal Getters!...

ready to manifest

SoulGoal Manifestor Session

Your conscious mind is the goal-setter. Your unconscious mind is the goal-getter! Magnetize your Soul Goal so your subconscious is actively working to help you manifest your biggest desire!

demystify Hypnosis


Change your habits, behaviours and beliefs by installing powerful soul-aligned suggestions in your subconscious mind. If you're finding yourself resistant to positive change, hypnosis could be the answer!

sounds like a vibe!

Clear un-serving energetic densities in your body, and open your heart to an energy of love and self-compassion. Deepen spiritually as you bring forth more alignment, power and clarity into your life.

Energy Therapy + Reiki Healing

current available Session-based offerings: popular demand, this session will be back soon!

"You'll arrive bringing in all your stresses, and leave feeling so zen and balanced. Christina is a natural healer. If you're drawn to her there's probably good reason!"

Felt totally safe and comfortable to open up:

Energy Therapy & Reiki Healing

- Erin

"I can't recommend Hypnotherapy enough! It has created huge ripple effects in my life that finally allow me to live in alignment and reach my goals"

started feeling increased drive + motivation:


- Martina

- Marni

"Since my session, so many opportunities have been presented to me, related to my SoulGoal! Christina ignited a subconscious spark to make things happen!"

Wonders why she didn't do it sooner:

SoulGoal Manifestor

What's Being Said...

CR, Please help me choose!

So, you're thinking about working together and diving into some deep inner work... but you're not 100% sure which of these session types would best fit your goals. I've got you!
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