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Energy Therapy
x Reiki Healing

Feel the healing power of Universal life-force energy as you're guided through an experiential session that activates the deep physical, energetic and spiritual shifts you've been desiring within.      

align and restore

Powerful Healing Reiki Energy

Receive this subtle and effective form of energetic healing to normalize the flow of energy through your body, align your chakras, and stimulate your body's natural healing abilities.

A Chakra Reading

Gain insight into your chakra system with a chakra reading. Get to know which chakras may be out of alignment and holding dense, stagnant and even overactive energies.

Deepening begins with intention setting; laying the foundation for the energetic work to come. Receive support to get clear on what it is you're calling in as we invoke healing energies.

Intention Setting & Invocation

what you'll experience in your 90-min session:

Soothing Sound Therapy 

Experience sound therapy using sacred instruments and energy harmonizing music to support the elevation of your energetic vibration and provide an experience that evokes the senses.

Crystal Healing & Aromatherapy

Crystals and stones selected for you based on your intention and energetic needs are used as healing tools during your session. Potent essential oils further deepen the energetic shifts.

Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

Receive guidance, spiritual messages, and coaching that leaves you inspired and uplifted with powerful considerations to take into your life!

how energy therapy

+ reiki healing


Experience soulful rest and stress relief that last beyond your session

deepen your connection to yourself and your *energy body* 

Clear energetic Densities impacting you on a physical, mental and emotional level

align and balance your chakras: harmonizing your body's energy system


Access your deeper intuition and expand spiritually

“Christina provides a safe space to open up so you can benefit from reiki healing energy and her incredible intuition. She's a natural healer.”

- Erin

Science tells us that everything is made of energy and light, vibrating at various rates and frequencies.

Put simply: Some things vibrate relatively slowly, like objects and physical matter, including our bodies! This low frequency vibration is that gives these objects and forms their density and able to be seen by the naked eye! 

Other things like radio waves, vibrate quickly! Making them finer, lighter and rendering them completely invisible without technological assistance. 

Profound personal transformation, beyond mindset work, also requires shifting energetically and expanding spiritually. Doing work on the field of energy beyond the physical realm to balance and align the subtle energies of the body is vital in supporting the expansion and transformation process. 

Here's what I know... We are ALL energy. Everything around us IS energy. We are vibrating! Right now and now and NOW!


You are looking for relief from aches and pains

You suffer from insomnia and would like to improve your sleep

You have accute injuries or chronic health issues

You have low energy/moods + are regularly fatigued



this could be for you if...

You experience chronic stress + anxiety in your daily life

You're looking for immune system support and overall vitality

this could be 

 for you if...

You desire to deepen spiritually + develop heightened intuition

- Candace

"I was consumed with deep feelings of guilt, shame & judgement. After my session, it all washed away & I felt love and admiration for where I am on my journey."

Experienced immediate emotional release:

Energy Therapy
& Reiki Healing

"You'll arrive bringing in all your stresses, and leave feeling so zen and balanced. Christina is a natural healer. If you're drawn to her there's probably good reason!"

Felt totally safe and comfortable to open up:

Energy Therapy
& Reiki Healing

- Erin

"I released more than I thought I needed to in my session - all thanks to Christina, and the safe space she held for me to do so."

Was able to see herself from a higher perspective:

Energy Therapy
& Reiki Healing

- Jessica C.

What clients are saying...


Reiki is a light-touch, energy-based healing modality that helps to restore and normalize the flow of energy through the body and support overall wellness. It is a holistic system of subtle yet powerful energetic healing using guided Universal life-force energy to harmonize, align and heal all aspects of oneself — body, mind, and spirit. 

When there is dense, stuck or blocked energy in the body and its natural flow is disrupted; our energy systems are not set up for optimal function. Effects may manifest in various ways and could impact our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

By clearing un-serving energy densities, and opening the heart to an energy of love and self-compassion, it brings forth more alignment, power and clarity into your life. It is especially expansive for those who are deepening spiritually and looking to develop heightened intuition.

01. What is reiki?



03. Can I have just one session?

You can. And while a single session can be beneficial and have a positive impact, for new clients I always recommend at least 3 to 5 sessions in order to feel the true benefits, see expanded results, and experience a breakthrough in healing. Long-term imbalances and energy densities in the body require multiple sessions: Layering on the energetic work necessary to bring the system back into balance. Regular sessions encourage more profound shifts and create opportunity for even deeper and expansive transformation physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

02. Where do in-person sessions take place?

Energy Therapy and Reiki Healing sessions are in-person, and take place at my healing space in Kincardine, Ontario. Located downtown, the space has been specifically designed to energetically hold and support the deep and transformative work that takes place in these sessions, and in my other offerings.

I'm Christina, nice to meet you!

I support the subconscious reprogramming, energetic-upgrade, and soul-journey of those who are ready to level-up their lives, unlock their potential and embody their inner truth!

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