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Quiet the chatter of your conscious mind and directly engage with your subconscious. Through hypnosis, enable shifts in your belief systems, establish new thought-patterns and activate ways of being that will serve you in life!

heal & shift

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis is not anything like what you may see in the movies or even on-stage at a ‘hypnosis show’. It will be an expansive experience in your inner-work journey.

Hypnosis is a powerful modality that engages directly with your subconscious mind and can help you change your habits, adopt new behaviours, and embody new belief systems that support your highest good!

If you've been wanting to make a positive change in your life, but are feeling some kind of resistance to that change, then hypnosis is the answer!

No... you won't be barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken!

how hypnotherapy


plant desires into your subconscious making them easier to achieve

install suggestions for your future so your subconscious is clear about what you want, and gets to work to help you achieve it

anchor-in your ideal positive state in a way that feels authentic and natural

leave imposter syndrome behind and release self-sabotaging behaviours

reset and empower your subconscious and release what's holding you back

Overcoming anxiety and releasing negative emotions

A tool for healing & growth

Physical transformation / Improving overall health and wellbeing

topics include, but aren't limited to any of the following:

Relationship aspirations and calling-in romantic partnership

Business success, career goals and supporting career changes

Increasing confidence + deepening feelings of self-love and self-acceptance

Resolving fear of failure/judgement and letting go of self-judgement

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Encouraging successful goal achievement with clear goals in mind

Ceasing procrastination and tapping into high levels of motivation 

“My hypnosis session was over and beyond what I thought. Christina goes so in depth & the support even continues after the session is over.”

- Jamie

- Rebecca

"I'd always sabotage a future with any man I would date. In letting go of my fears & increasing my self-worth, I've finally landed in something that feels safe and is lasting!"

finally felt worthy of partnership:


What clients are saying...

"I can't recommend Hypnotherapy enough! It has created huge ripple effects in my life that finally allow me to live in alignment and reach my goals!"

started feeling increased drive + motivation:

- martina


Hypnosis is a powerful modality temporarily quiets the conscious mind so that we can directly access the subconscious to install suggestions that help you change your habits, adopt new behaviours, and embody new belief systems that support your highest good!

It works by making profound shifts within your subconscious mind and importantly, at the level of your Identity. When you shift who you believe yourself to be at such a deep level of "being', you will have access to a whole new world of possibility for yourself and your life.

01. What is Hypnotherapy / how does it work?




Hypnotherapy sessions can take place virtually via Zoom, or are in-person, at my healing space in Kincardine, Ontario. Located downtown Kincardine, the space has been specifically designed to energetically hold and support the deep and transformative work that takes place in these sessions, and in my other offerings.

02. What makes hypnotherapy so effective?

The reason why hypnotherapy is so effective is -through the state of hypnotic trance- we are able to by-pass your mind's 'critical faculty (the part of you that analyzes, judges and perceives at a conscious level), and speak directly to your subconscious.

By making positive, supportive, and empowering suggestions when you're in the hypnosis brain-wave state, the suggestions made are not only openly received by your subconscious mind, but they're also easily accepted and adopted. The result? You are more naturally able and inclined to embody ways of being, exhibit productive habits, and take important actions in your life that align with those suggestions, and ultimately, your goals and dream future!

I'm Christina, nice to meet you!

I support the subconscious reprogramming, energetic-upgrade, and soul-journey of those who are ready to level-up their lives, unlock their potential and embody their inner truth!

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Feeling slightly intimidated by the idea of being hypnotized? Or maybe you're all in cause you understand that life-changing mindset shifts and expanded results come when you go deeper and do work at the subconscious level. 

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